V20.shape 1611506119


* 90° corner connection with swivel range of ~30° to ~130° for AZ/EZ/NZ/ZZ

* For increased rotational flexibility with Larssen connection in combined sheet pile walls for both pipes and beams

steel grade
ASTM Grade 50/60,
ASTM A690 MARINER® steel
~ 5.64 lb/ft
~ 8.4 kg/m

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  1. The pipes are delivered with the connectors already attached.
  2. First, install the king piles (pipes) as you would in any combined sheet pile wall application.
  3. Grasp the sheet piling and thread between the already installed pipe piles.
  4. Increase flexibility in the middle interlocks of the sheet piles, combined with the swing of the connectors, to enable easier threading of the intermediate sheet piling.
  5. All welding seams are a minimum ~6mm (~0.25").
  6. Both sides have a continuous minimum tip and toe welding of ~500mm (~20").
  7. Both sides are tack welded in the free length between tip and toe welding with 200mm/m (8"/yd). The distance from seam to seam is ~800mm (~31.5") or less.
  8. In salt water, the water side is continuously welded on the whole pile length. Follow the instructions above for the reverse side of the pile, if it is not in contact with salt water.