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* Uncoupled WOM-XL/WOF-XL are used to create combi-wall systems using PZ or PZC.

*WOM-XL/WOF-XL are coupled together to create O-Pile systems.


  • PZ/PZC
  • pipe
steel grade
ASTM Grade 50/60,
ASTM A690 MARINER® steel

WOM-XL Weight:
~ 8.5 lb/ft
~ 12.7 kg/m

WOF-XL Weight:
~ 12.0 lb/ft
~ 17.8 kg/m

Combined Connector Weight:
~ 20.0 lb/ft
~ 30.5 kg/m

Combined Connector Width:
180 mm; 7.09"

Connector Thickness:
12 mm; .47"

O-Pile Interlock Strength:
19.5 kips/inch (3418 kN/m)

General weld guidelines for connectors

  1. All seams have a = 6 mm (~.236”).
  2. Both sides have a tip and toe welding continuously of 500 mm (~20.0”).
  3. Both sides are flex welded in the free length between tip and toe welding with 200 mm/m (~8”/3.28’). The distance from seam to seam is 800 mm (~31.5”) or less.
  4. In salt water, if a permanent installation, the water side is continuously welded on the whole pile length. Rear side is as above in step #3.

Note: the above is for references purposes only and the welding design must be checked against other considerations such as anchor forces, shear forces and otherwise difficult driving conditions.