Swc90 1415287767


* For 90° connections, welding required

Note: Design shown made to fit PS31 and PS27.5 (similar connectors available for other Flat Sheet Pile types, please inquire)

steel grade
ASTM Grade 50/60,
ASTM A690 MARINER® steel
~ 12.34 lb/ft
~ 18.4 kg/m

Can be produced in 6 to 10 weeks.


General weld guidelines for connectors

  1. All seams have a = 6 mm (~.236”).
  2. Both sides have a tip and toe welding continuously of 500 mm (~20.0”).
  3. Both sides are flex welded in the free length between tip and toe welding with 200 mm/m (~8”/3.28’). The distance from seam to seam is 800 mm (~31.5”) or less.
  4. In salt water, if a permanent installation, the water side is continuously welded on the whole pile length. Rear side is as above in step #3.

Note: the above is for references purposes only and the welding design must be checked against other considerations such as anchor forces, shear forces and otherwise difficult driving conditions.


  1. Please review the proper interlocking examples that are listed.
  2. Thread the connector into the interlock while the sheet pile is out of the ground.
  3. Adjust the connector to the appropriate position.
  4. Tack or spot-weld the connector in place. Typically, a ~250mm (~10") weld attaching the connector to the sheet pile to the top is sufficient.
  5. Drive/extract the sheet pile (with the connector attached) as you would normally.